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Fencing Styles

Fences can make a huge effect on the mood and style of your garden and considerable thought should go into the style you choose. Think of it as the back drop to your garden. Even the most beautiful of gardens would be sorely let down by a sad, tatty old fence. Likewise, introducing a stylish new fence can have as much of an impact on your garden as any other element. Here are just some of the fences you may consider in your own garden...

Vertical slatted fence
Probably the most common of fences, and most often the fence of choice in new developments. The vertical slatted fence can give a good, neutral back drop to your garden. If you are looking for additional security, consider double slatting your fence. Or, if you want something just a little different, try varying the widths of the slats you use - have a section of normal widths with a section of narrower slats in between to create a "designer" look very simply. 
Vertical slatted fence with narrower slat detail
Horizontal slatted fence
Horizontal fences immediately give a more modern, designer feel to a garden. Whether you splash out on beautiful cedar wood or simply use soft wood in a horizontal pattern, rather than the usual verticals, you will create a fantastic modern background. To finish off the "designer look" leave gaps between each slats. As with verticals, these can be single or double slatted. 
Horizontal slatted fence creates a more look
Screen fencing
Using fencing to create a screen can hide a multitude of sins. Whether its the back of an old garage, your wheely bins or just an ugly view, a screen can immediately turn the ugly into the beautiful and create a look more expected in the Cte d'Azur. Choose your materials and colour but whatever you choose you can be assured of an immediate solution to your problem. 
A timber screen can hide a multitude of sins
Trellis fence
Trellis is a great way to add height and interest to a fence or create a boundary. It can be added to an existing fence or a wall to give additional privacy without being too imposing. Or use trellis panels to screen off certain areas of the garden or to create "rooms". Growing climbers up the trellis makes it look even prettier and adds to your privacy. 
Trellis can be used on existing walls and fences or as a screen for privacy
Log fence
Log fences are fantastic if you dont need to create too much of a screen between you and your neighbours. Or they can be a feature fence within the garden. They are perfect if you are fortunate enough to live somewhere with no neighbours beyond as the log fence creates a boundary which blends perfectly with the views beyond.  Consider short versions of this as a boundary to a kids' play area. 
Log fences can be a perfect buffer between you and a view beyond
Bespoke fence
Particularly in front gardens, you may want to create a real statement which will wow the neighbours and that is where a bespoke fence may be just the answer. It may be different types of timbers, different shapes of timber, a curving fence, different paint colour - there are a whole host of options out there and you can be sure to stand out from the rest. 
A curving fence made from uprights can make a great statement
Picket fence
For many, the picket fence is the epitomy of middle-class suburban life and has a colonial feel to it. Traditionally painted white, the picket fence remains a popular choice in the UK as well as in the States. 
The traditional picket fence
Willow or bamboo panels
Willow and bamboo fences have become increasingly popular in recent years due to their easy construction and affordability. They can be bought in panels and attached to uprights to create a natural backdrop to your garden. They can be used as a boundary fence or as a screen within the garden. The bamboo panels can be quite lightweight so may not be as long lasting as other options. As they are lightweight they need to be secured to a rigid framework.
Willow panel fencing
Perspex sheets
If you are looking to create a very contemporary garden and you want something a bit different, why not consider introducing some coloured perspex sheets into your garden. They will certainly create a wow-factor and look particularly impressive at night when lit up. These are most effective used as features within the garden.
Coloured perspex panels look stunning
There are of course, many more fences you can consider, and we are happy to meet with you to discuss your needs and agree a fence which will suit the style of your garden and meet your requirements - just don't sit on the fence! 

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